BEAUDUC Kitesurf-camps

Beauduc is the ideal spot for kite surfing.

Together the endless beaches and the Fil d'Air instructors will give you the very best conditions to learn, practice and progress.

A school, a passion, a magical place ...

It’s a challenge to describe Beauduc without too many superlatives ...

  • beaches with uninterrupted sight of and in the middle of a protected natural area, far from any pollution ...
    • a privileged space for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts ...
    • After 8 km off-roading you get to Beauduc beach with a bay of 20 km all for you ...

Swept by the winds:

Here the only true companion of the dunes is the wind, sometimes a mistral or north wind, sometimes a southeasterly breeze from the southwest, it reshapes the landscape every day with only itself for inspiration and to the delight of kite surfers… Beauduc is a magical place for us to preserve, and above all to respect.  Because of its size and geography, Beauduc bay allows us to navigate using all wind directions. Depending on your level and the weather you can discover, navigate and enhance your kiting skills right across the lagoon and bay using every wind direction!



Our method of teaching is what makes us different.

Inspired by methods, which have proven effective since 1997 at our center in Meze, we offer coaching for beginners and experts. 
It is important to assimilate the basics of kite surfing before understanding how we teach it. Kite surfing is a sport combining skill steering (a kite or para-wing) with the ease of gliding (on a board), these are connected by 25 to 30 meters of wire...! Kite surfers require lots of space around them as a result.  Our teaching method is based on the concept of space, safety and security. Although Beauduc Bay is a vast space, it remains very popular with other kite surfers and other lovers of the site. Fil d’Air use our boat to give you maximum space to practice and to increase your learning time. That's why we enclose our space using our method ‘down wind’ when necessary, this provides the best and most exceptional possible time on the water. That is to say, once you have acquired a certain ease of moving in shallow waters near the beach, we can, if conditions permit us, take you into deep water to follow you in a boat on a vast area of several km and keep you away from any obstacle safely. Your instructor will maintain radio contact with you throughout.

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Logistics and Atmosphere

The edge of the beach is directly accessible by car after following an 8km trail (taking from 20 to 30 min depending on the vehicle and track conditions). Beauduc being a protected natural area, you will find no water, no electricity, no toilets, no commercial outlets. You must be self-sufficient with water and food (limit unnecessary packaging). For accommodation you can return, after each session, along the track and use one of the hotels in Salins de Giraud (see below) or to make the most of the spot, camp on site with us. You will need to check with us about how you are going to manage your tent, camping car or car.... and your cooking. Our instructors are on site at night and will organize the camp. If you do decide to camp on site plan at least 5 liters of water per day, food that does not spoil in the heat, environmentally friendly toilet paper and a mosquito repellent.



We move to sites where wind, water and sun are very intense.
We recommend you bring:

  • a Neoprene dry or wet suit adapted to the season (or hire € 8 / day)
  • bootees. (on sale € 15, ask for the registration and size available)
  • total sun block.
  • sunglasses adapted to the sea (on sale € 45, polarized and adapted to kite boarding)
  • a wet or dry suit cap fitted close to the head. 
  • a wind cheater.
  • a reserve of water 15l/day/pers (drink & shower).
  • a snack or candy bar.
  • a swimsuit.
  • a towel.
  • Important: shoes for your 1st floor glides. (Old trainers will do.)
  • Practice material provided by the school: Harness, vest, helmet, board, kites.
  • Accommodation: - In a hotel on the Salins de Giraud, book early, places are limited: 
Hotel Restaurant Les Arenes Saladelles 4 r 13129 Salins de Giraud. Tel 04 42 86 83 87 - Fax 04 42 48 81 89 Price: about 30 to 55 Euros per night for 2 to 3 people sharing
  • Camp site: be completely self-sufficient: food, water, tent or camping car, folding seats and tables etc.

These courses are offered from May to October and take place in southern France at BEAUDUC between Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer and Port St. Louis du Rhone.... in the Bouches du Rhone.


We organize courses of 3 days or 4 days: Stage 1: Monday to Thursday, Stage 2: Friday to Sunday.

Price: 480 € 3 days and 620 € 4 days / 4 to 5 hours session per day.

  • On the calendar below the green areas are those where we are present at Beauduc. 
During these periods the center of Meze continues to provide courses as normal.
  • the yellow areas are those where we propose beginer courses

Calendrier Beauduc 2017

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